Tips on How to Save on Gas

Tips on How to Save on Gas

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We all love driving, especially when we're behind the wheel of our Volvo and heading to downtown Miami, an afternoon at the beach, or the park with our family. While we may love driving down to Bayside Marketplace, we can't say we love having to fill up at the gas station, which is why we have compiled a list of tips and tricks for you to increase your fuel economy and save money at the gas station.

Volvo Maintenance

Keeping up with the maintenance on your Volvo helps you increase your fuel economy. Regular maintenance also prevents lofty repair bills later down the road, so staying on top of your maintenance is a win-win. We recommend monitoring your tires, changing your oil, replacing old oil filters, and tuning your engine, all of which we can do here for you at Volvo Cars North Miami. Changing your oil allows your engine to run smoothly, which in turn allows you to save on gas. When clean oil is running through your engine, your engine is under less strain and will use less gas. When you have your oil changed, you're going to want to replace your oil filter as well. The oil filter works to prevent debris from entering your oil. Over time, your filter will become clogged and won't be able to properly do its job. As far as tires go, you need to make sure they are properly inflated. Having your tires at the right tire pressure level allows for better fuel economy by reducing the amount of friction.

Adjust How You Drive

Did you go surfing this weekend? Did you perhaps leave your roof rack on? If you did, you need to go outside and take it if you want to save on gas. When you leave items such as roof racks and cargo carries on your Volvo. you're compromising the aerodynamics of your Volvo. Another driving habit that affects the drag of your Volvo is driving fast. While it may be fun, the faster you drive the harder your Volvo has to work to cut through the air. The harder your Volvo has to work means you'll see a decrease in your mpgs. You'll also find when you brake hard at stoplights and stop signs you're also reducing your fuel efficiency. Instead of braking at the last minute try gradually braking and coming to a slow stop at lights. It is also wise to leave more room in front of you in case the vehicle traveling ahead of you slams on their brakes. The further back you are means you have that much more time to react.

Planning Ahead

Did you know there are several smartphone apps you can download that will help you save gas? There are several apps that will track gas prices so you can find the gas station with the cheapest fuel. If you're looking for cheap fuel, it is also smart to avoid gas stations that are located along or near the highway. These gas stations can charge a higher price per gallon due to their convenient location before you get out on the road though it's a good idea to take a few minutes to plan your route, especially if you're going on a long road trip. You can plan for the shortest route while also referencing your gas apps to find the gas stations with the cheapest fuel prices along your way.

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